piątek, 28 grudnia 2007
In the beginning... there was a worm above the trees.

This is my blog for musings. And since it's a bookworm's blog, the musings will mostly concern books. Also, the blog's in English, because vast majority of these books has not been translated into Polish & I find it easier to write about them in their original language than to do the translator's work and make up Polish equivalents of names, places, inventions...

These are musings, one day to be, perhaps, converted into something more solid, like an essay, an article or a serious review. My reviews and more carefully done stuff (in Polish!) is here; this place is a mosaic in the making, broken and fragmentary.

And just in case anyone wondered about the title...

The Great White Worm

The image is by Pamela Colman Smith, taken from here; the concept is obviously Bram Stoker's